Global Headquarters
One LaFrance Way
P.O. Box 5002
Concordville, PA 19331 USA
Tel: 610.361.4300
Fax: 610.361.4301

LaFrance expanded our Global Headquarters to Concordville, PA in 1998. Home to our five business units, this location spans 50,000 square feet and has 130 employees with specialties in business administration, branding, marketing, engineering, and design.

Florida Manufacturing
and Distribution

Sarasota, Fl 34234

Established in 1991, LaFrance's Sarasota manufacturing facility was created to support our injection molded plastic manufacturing capabilities. Beyond manufacturing plastic nameplates, license plate frames, and enclosures, this facility now supports cost effective distribution of our overseas manufactured products. Our Sarasota facility is 85,000 square feet and has 100 employees.

Asian Headquarters
and Manufacturing

Shenzhen, China

LaFrance established our Asian Headquarters and Manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China in 1996. This facility specializes in processes that support our vast product line, including sheet metal fabrication and Electroform finishing. It also houses our business administration, marketing, design, and engineering functions in Asia. This location spans 3 buildings, totaling 82,000 square feet and has 1100 employees.

China Electroform

Guangzhou, China

In 2005, LaFrance established our Electroform Manufacturing facility in China due to an increased demand for our Electroform product line. This facility is 19,000 square feet and has 120 employees.

LaFrance Hong Kong Office
Taikoktsui, Kowloon H.K.

LaFrance's Hong Kong Office was established in 1996 to support cost effective product transfer and improve the ease of product movement in Asia. Today, this location is LaFrance's central site to distribute our products worldwide.

Japan Manufacturing Facility

Tokyo, Japan

Much of LaFrance's success can be attributed to strong partnerships throughout the years. Established in 1985, LaFrance has maintained a partnership in Electroform manufacturing for over two decades. The Tokyo, Japan facility supports our Electroform manufacturing process, is 8,500 square feet, and employs 60 people.